How Chemical Peels Can Transform Your Skin This Fall at Cerulean Medical Institute in Kelowna BC

Chemical peels in Kelowna remain one of the best ways to rejuvenate your skin and achieve a healthy, glowing look. A change in seasons brings different needs for your skin. For this reason, we recommend updating your skincare habits as the seasons change – for example, summer is focused on soothing and protecting against sun damage while winter is focused on moisturizing and exfoliating. During the fall, we recommend focusing on the transition from summer to winter and what that can mean for your skin. Chemical peels in Kelowna are one of our most recommended treatments for this season, so here’s a guide to what this means for your holistic aesthetic treatment plan here at Cerulean Medical Institute.

What is a Chemical Peel in Kelowna, BC?

Chemical peels in Kelowna are medical-grade treatments that use topical solutions to cause the skin to peel, revealing a new healthy layer of skin underneath. Sometimes called skin peels, they’re a relatively low-risk in the hands of our experienced skincare experts to address a variety of concerns and achieve healthier, glowing skin. During your appointment, the skin is cleansed and a specialized solution is applied onto the skin. After it’s left on for a predetermined amount of time, the skin is neutralized, and you can return to your normal schedule. After a few days, the skin will begin to gently peel and exfoliate. Once this process is complete, you’ll see a noticeable improvement in your skin’s overall look, feel, and quality.

What Do Chemical Peels in Kelowna Do?

Chemical peels in Kelowna, BC work by exfoliating the skin with concentrated active ingredients. These solutions cause the skin to shed its cells and peel, revealing healthy new skin underneath. This process also stimulates the production of collagen, the essential connective tissue protein that gives your skin its youthful quality. The compounding result of chemical peels is that the skin takes on a brighter, more even-toned look and firmer, with a smoother feel.

Chemical peels can also be formulated for specific concerns. If pigmentation is a concern, for example, your peel can include solutions designed to brighten the skin and target brown spots. Chemical peels are an incredibly versatile and effective skincare tool to include in your regimen, especially as fall approaches.

What Can Chemical Peels in Kelowna Treat?

Chemical peels can benefit a wide variety of skin concerns. These include:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Brown spots, sun spots, age spots, and pigmentation
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Texture
  • Dryness
  • Oiliness
  • Visible pores
  • Scars

Chemical peels are overall beneficial for the health and appearance of your skin and are a great addition to virtually any skincare or anti-aging regimen. Although they’re a great way to reverse many different concerns, they can also be used as an excellent preventive treatment. Adult patients of all ages can get great results from chemical peels because of their customizability.

Why is Fall the Best Time for Chemical Peels in Kelowna, BC?

Chemical peels can be extremely beneficial to your skin in the fall months. Although you can benefit from facial peels all year round, fall is widely known as the best time to include facial peels in your aesthetic regimen. Here are some of our most recommended reasons to schedule a chemical peel this season.

1. Erase Summer Damage

Spending considerable time outside during the summer can take a toll on your skin. Despite staying on top of wearing sunscreen, it’s still possible to have some sun damage that gives your skin a textured, dry, dull look. You may also have brown spots or uneven skin tone from tan or sunburn. Chemical peels are a great way to address these concerns by deeply exfoliating the skin and uncovering healthy new cells. Fall typically means spending less time outside and more time indoors, so it’s easier to protect your skin against further damage while you recover.

2. Combat Dryness

Fall typically means a beginning to the dryness of winter. Chemical peels can combat dryness by getting rid of dead and damaged skin cells, uncovering healthy new skin underneath. When your skin is chronically dry, it can be difficult to moisturize it effectively because of the damaged surface of the skin. These cells tend to prevent moisture from reaching further down, compounding the problem. By removing the surface layer, you can allow moisturizers to reach where they’re needed and more effectively prevent and reverse dryness. Dryness can also contribute to aging and an aged look, meaning getting rid of dryness and moisturizing the skin can have great anti-aging benefits.

3. Get Glowing Skin By Winter

Fall also means we’re getting closer to the holidays, an exciting time when we attend parties looking our best. If you’re hoping to make a big impression, now is the best time to start. Chemical peels can boost your skin’s health over time, producing a noticeable glow, a more even skin tone, and a refreshed look. Depending on your unique treatment plan, you may undergo chemical peels as often as every month. Therefore, the sooner you start, the more transformative your results by the time your favorite holiday parties come about. And if you undergo a deeper peel with more downtime, you don’t want to have visible peeling once your big event comes around.

4. Better Recovery Time and Scheduling Freedom

Even minor facial peels can cause some noticeable peeling. This is something to plan for when you schedule your facial peel, and fall can be a time most conducive to taking time away (especially staying inside). With many kids going back to school, you might have fewer social obligations, and can take a few days to let your skin recover. Additionally, summer can be extremely busy for many people, meaning fall is a better time to schedule appointments for yourself.

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