Anti-Aging Peels Kelowna

Chemical peels are a great solution for patients who want a simple, non-invasive therapy for aging or damaged skin.  Over time, skin can become wrinkled and tone can become uneven or discoloured.  This can happen secondary to sun exposure, illness, acne – or even just the natural process of growing older.  When it comes to anti aging Kelowna patients are looking for treatments that work while avoiding the risks and recovery time of surgery.  If you feel that you’ve lost that youthful glow, speak with us about which process would be right for your skin.


About Chemical Peels

How does a Chemical Peel Work?
The process works by applying a combination of solutions that are designed to remove damaged outer layers of skin and leave younger, firmer looking skin underneath. Anti Aging peels are most often used on the face, but can also be used on the hands and neck as well. The result is younger, healthier looking skin and improved overall appearance.

Consider an anti-aging peel to:

  • Reduce freckles and age spots
  • Brighten the tone of your skin
  • Eliminate or minimize wrinkles and fine lines
  • Improve texture and increase collagen production
  • Help remove acne scars or imperfections
How to prepare for your chemical peel

You will have an initial consultation to discuss your objectives and options. Depending on your skin type and goals, we will outline the procedures available to you and give you instructions for preparing for your appointment.  We may ask you to:

-Use sunscreen in the weeks before and after your appointment

-stop topical retinols 1 week before peel and recommence 2 weeks after your peel

-Apply topical medications or moisturizers

What is the process?

For a light peel – the skin is cleaned and the chemical agents are applied to the skin.  These agents are left on the skin for several minutes, and are then removed. You may experience a slight burning sensation while the chemical is working.

For deeper peels, we use stronger ingrediants that will penetrate into the skin and give us more dramatic results. The peel can last up to 40 minutes, and you will experience a mild burning sensation during the process.

Recovery Time

Recovery time for lighter peels is usually very short.  Patients can often return to their regular routines immediately, using make up to cover any redness that occurs following the procedure.  Deeper peels require a longer recovery time and may require a few days to heal enough for you to go about your daily business.

If you’ve had a light peel to exfoliate and brighten tired looking skin, downtime should be minimal. Deeper peels that target more defined lines and wrinkles, or to address pigmentation issues will need a longer rest period.

Post-Procedure Instructions

After your anti-aging peel, be sure to follow a few simple steps to speed recovery and ensure optimal results. Since new skin is more sensitive, it is susceptible to burning and discolouration.  Make sure to apply a sunscreen of SPF 50 or higher whenever you are outdoors.  Also, be sure to avoid:

-Sun exposure

-Heat from hot tubs, showers, tanning beds and saunas

-Chemicals from swimming pools