Cerulean Medical Institute is the brainchild of medical director, Dr. Praven Chetty. His desire to inspire positive change through medical solutions ultimately led to the creation of Cerulean Medical Institute, which embraces integrative and cosmetic medicine.  Dr. Praven Chetty has dedicated himself to making a positive influence in the wellness of his clients and is a firm believer of educating and empowering his clients through collaborative solutions.

Cerulean Medical Institute was founded on the principles of providing highly effective, professional and personalized care in a sophisticated setting. We aim to holistically enhance function and optimize quality of life while creating balance and lasting results.

Dr. Praven Chetty and his expert anti-aging skin care team adopt a holistic inside-out treatment approach and are truly dedicated to making each and everyone of their clients look and feel better.  At Cerulean Medical Institute, we believe in delivering a customized treatment approach to address your unique needs; setting you on a memorable path to healthy, youthful skin.