Kelowna Anti-aging Chemical Peels

The primary benefit of a chemical peel is younger-looking and healthier skin. Patients will notice a brighter skin tone and improved elasticity. Dark spots, discoloration, and fine lines and wrinkles are reduced or eliminated. Results from chemical peels are long-lasting, with many patients seeing benefits for a year or more. This is because a chemical peel stimulates natural collagen production, which results in increased elasticity and a youthful appearance.


Chemical Peels Kelowna

Many of our patients are unhappy with the loss of elasticity and moisture in their skin, along with the addition of lines and wrinkles, and are looking for cosmetic treatments to restore their natural glow. The good news is that at Cerulean Medical Institute in Kelowna, BC, we are able to provide a variety of medical-grade skin peels suited for each individual to address their unique concerns. This process uses a chemical solution, including salicylic acid, lactic acid, or glycolic acid, to exfoliate dead skin cells and reduce imperfections such as acne scars, brown spots, and sun damage. Even more exciting is the fact that chemical peels can also stimulate your body’s own collagen production, helping you maintain your beautiful results.

Who is a Candidate for Chemical Peels?

Chemical peels are generally good treatment options for those with signs of aging or uneven skin tone and texture. Generally, a chemical peel is best suited to patients with lighter skin tones, though patients with darker skin tones can also be candidates for certain peels. Before your treatment, Dr. Chetty will examine your skin and evaluate your concerns to determine whether a chemical peel is the correct treatment option for you. He will also determine whether a superficial peel, medium chemical peel, or deep peel is right for your needs.


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At Cerulean Medical Institute, our experienced Kelowna skin care specialists provide medical-grade anti-aging chemical peels for all skin types. Our Okanagan patients can benefit from ultra-customized skin resurfacing chemical peels to reduce or eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, remove dead skin cells, and reduce the appearance of skin discoloration due to excess sun exposure, restoring your skin to its natural, youthful glow.

Whether you are looking to revive tired-looking, aging skin as a part of your regular beauty and health regime with superficial peels, or you would like to address some acne scars, skin texture issues, or deeper wrinkles with a deep chemical peel, Dr. Chetty and our team of Kelowna skin care experts are here to help you look and feel your best. Our anti-aging chemical peels are specially tailored to the needs of those who live in the BC interior.

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"I have to praise the team at the Cerulean Medical Institute in Kelowna for their great professional service. I went for a consultation for Acne Scar Treatment. I was assessed by a very knowledgeable Doctor who made me feel very comfortable.Then I received a face chemical peel by a very experienced nurse. I am so excited with the improvement I see just after one session. Cannot wait to go back for another treatment. Thank you Cerulean Medical Institute Kelowna Team, you are the Best."

Martine P, Calgary, AB



Dr. Praven Chetty is a multi-award winning aesthetic physician specializing in natural looking, long lasting results. Dr. Praven Chetty combines his vast knowledge of anatomy and ageing with evidenced based cutting-edge techniques for truly customized outcomes.

Kelowna Anti Aging Chemical Peels - FAQs

Are Anti-aging chemical peels right for me?

Anti-aging chemical peels are ideal for anyone who wants to reduce sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, rough or thick skin, dull skin tone, uneven pigmentation and brown spots, acne and enlarged pores.

Our Kelowna anti-aging chemical peels are ideal if you are just looking to improve your skin complexion and get a radiant skin. They are great to have few weeks before your wedding or any other social event. The exfoliating effect on your skin surface makes your skin glow and helps your makeup sit better when applied.

The exfoliating benefits aids the penetration of your nutrient-rich creams into the deeper layers of your skin. Patients may see better results from their at-home skincare routine after having a chemical peel.

Research evidence also shows that moderate to deep chemical peels can shed away cumulative sun damage and prevent skin cancer from developing in the future.

How do Anti-aging chemical peels work?

Our anti-aging chemical peels work by signaling the skin cells to exfoliate and stimulating collagen and elastin production. These are the scaffolding blocks our skin needs to remain youthful and wrinkle free.

A custom-made program by our Kelowna skin care specialists of medical grade anti-aging chemical peels treatments are designed to meet your unique needs.

In addition to improving your face, this rejuvenating treatment can be used to refresh the hands, chest, and neck as well, creating a complete age-defying effect.

How will I feel during my Anti-aging chemical peels?

The anti-aging chemical peel is applied to the skin’s surface after being cleansed thoroughly.

There are several different types of chemical peels which range from mild to intense peels. Each treatment is best suited to different types of skin concerns. Your skin care specialist will develop a chemical peel treatment that will best meet your goals and suit your skin type.

During mild chemical peels, you will feel a slight warm sensation, which lasts a few seconds right after the chemical peel is applied on your skin. When using higher concentrations of the peel, you will receive a topical numbing cream,  half an hour prior to the procedure. This way the treatment is easily tolerated.

You will receive full instructions before you go home on how to care for your skin after the peel.

What results can I expect?

Soon after a mild chemical peel, your skin will feel softer, smoother, and subtly younger and will continue to improve with further treatments. You will not have visible peeling, and because there is no downtime, you can continue with your normal activities.

After a moderate or deep chemical peel, your skin will peel and heal all within a week. The first couple of days after the peel, your skin will start feeling tight and turn slightly darker. The peeling process usually starts on day 3 and lasts until day 6 or 7.  This will vary depending on the strength of the peel applied. We strongly recommend to never remove the skin that is separating (peeling) as this could cause scarring. Let it fall away naturally.

It is strongly recommended to keep your skin moisturized at all times using a gentle moisturizer. We recommend the use of the ZO Post Procedure Recovery System to promote the healing process immediately post peel and for the first week after the procedure.

How many treatments will I need?

For optimal results, we recommend that you have a series of mild to moderate peels spaced 2-4 weeks apart. Chemical peels will not stop the clock from ticking; however they do turn it back for some time.  Maintenance chemical peels are recommended at least once or twice a year to keep your skin looking clear, smooth, and radiant.

How do I prepare myself prior to my Anti-aging chemical peel?

To speed up the healing process, the application of topical retinol is recommended nightly two to four weeks before your chemical peel. This treatment should be stopped one week prior to your anti-aging chemical peel.

You should also avoid using creams or cleansers that exfoliate your skin, such as those containing salicylic, lactic, glycolic, and ascorbic acid one week prior to your treatment.

When melasma or other skin pigment disorders are present, our experts might have to prime your skin with a skin lightening and brightening cream before and after your chemical peel.

Prior to receiving the chemical peel, patients with a history of herpes or cold sores should receive appropriate treatment.

What happens after my Anti-aging chemical peel treatment?

After the initial chemical peel treatment sessions at Cerulean Medical Institute, you will notice an instant improvement. Your skin will feel softer and look subtly younger. Further anti-aging treatments will bring an obvious transformation with a newer and healthier face to enjoy.

After a week of a medium to deep chemical peel, there is an obvious skin rejuvenation transformation with a significant reduction of wrinkles and pigmentation.