• Longer, fuller, darker eyelashes with an easy, comfortable and effective application nightly for eight to 12 weeks.
  • No need for false eye lashes ever again.
  • Longer, fuller lashes render a youthful appearance.
  • Enhancement of the eyes and it’s periphery.


Desire longer, fuller and darker eyelashes, then Latisse at Cerulean Medical Institute is for you. Latisse® promotes the active growth phase of the eyelashes.  Latisse® is prescribed by our cosmetic specialists in Kelowna, BC after thorough assessment of eyelash concentration and density.


Latisse is the most effective treatment for longer lashes. Applied nightly from the comfort of your own home in the Okanagan, Latisse promotes the active growth phase of your eyelashes for naturally longer, fuller and darker lashes. Latisse is exclusively available at Cerulean Medical Institute, Kelowna's leading experts in advanced skin care.

Before & After

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Isabel, cosmetic nurse specialist at Cerulean Medical Institute in Kelowna, BC, consulting with client

Is Latisse® treatment right for me?

If you are looking for longer, darker, fuller eyelashes, then consult one of our cosmetic specialists at Cerulean Medical Institute for an approved prescription.