Benefits of Radiesse Kelowna

  • Radiesse provides instant results with long-term improvement in the health and youthfulness of your skin.
  • Radiesse results in natural looking, smoother, softer, tighter skin.
  • Radiesse can last one to two years, making it one of the longest-lasting filler options available.
  • Radiesse can also be used to rejuvenate the hands and body by restoring youthful volume lost with aging.
  • Radiesse can be combined with other injectable treatments such as Botox and Dermal Fillers for an even more complete facial rejuvenation.
  • Radiesse results can be maximized and preserved with holistic anti-aging regimen that incorporates radiofrequency and collagen induction therapy.
  • Radiesse requires minimal to no downtime with no discomfort. Our expert skincare team will ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience.


About Kelowna Radiesse Treatment

Radiesse is a unique injectable filler that can reduce mild to moderate wrinkles and folds, as well as restore lost volume as a result of aging. Unlike traditional dermal fillers which replenish volume in the skin, Radiesse is made with calcium hydroxylapatite which stimulates the production of healthy new collagen and elastin to improve the skin quality and replace lost volume. For patients who want a natural and longer lasting solution to aging, Radiesse is an excellent option.

What is Calcium Hydroxylapatite?

As we age, the production of collagen and elastin begins to decrease. Collagen and elastin play key roles in providing youthful structure for the skin, meaning without collagen and elastin, the skin begins to sag and lose elasticity.

Radiesse is considered an injectable soft tissue biostimulant. It uses calcium hydroxylapatite, a biocompatible material that has been used in medicine for over 20 years. This ingredient acts as a scaffold for new tissue and boosts the production of new collagen and elastin – which gradually replaces the product. This makes Radiesse a great skin rejuvenation treatment for long-term confidence.


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Radiesse is a novel injectable cosmetic treatment that offers unique benefits complementing traditional dermal fillers. At our state-of-the-art anti-aging clinic in Kelowna, we offer a variety of treatment solutions to rejuvenate your appearance and achieve a more youthful look. Radiesse boosts the production of collagen and elastin in the skin, increasing its inherent quality. The result is smoother, tighter, more youthful-looking skin and a reduction in wrinkles and folds that come with aging. During a consultation with our skincare specialists, you can learn more about our regenerative injectable treatments at Cerulean Medical Institute.

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Dr. Praven Chetty is a multi-award winning aesthetic physician specializing in natural looking, long lasting results. Dr. Praven Chetty combines his vast knowledge of anatomy and ageing with evidenced based cutting-edge techniques for truly customized outcomes.

What is Radiesse?

Radiesse is an injectable cosmetic treatment designed to reduce signs of aging including wrinkles, fine lines, and loss of collagen.

What is the Radiesse Procedure Like?

Radiesse is injected precisely into the skin of the face and body where it stimulates new collagen and elastin production. Local numbing is applied making the procedure very comfortable.

Is Radiesse Right for me?

Radiesse is ideal for patients in general good health who are looking to improve the appearance of their aging skin. Radiesse restores skin integrity and can be combined with Botox or Dermal Fillers for an optimal anti-aging treatment.

What areas can Radiesse be used to treat?

Radiesse can be used to treat the face, hands and body. Radiesse is a biostimulant which tightens the skin and improves skin quality by stimulating new collagen and elastin production.

How long does Radiesse last?

Radiesse is one of the longest-lasting dermal filler options. Radiesse is a long-lasting treatment lasting between one to two years.

What should you not do after Radiesse?

For 24 hours after your injectable treatment, you should avoid intense physical activity, sun exposure, and heat. This can ensure good results and quick healing.

What is Radiesse used for?

Radiesse is used to improve the appearance and health of your skin. Radiesse leaves you with long-lasting results of smooth, soft, tight skin.