The Skin Fit Habit


The first time I visited London, I could not help but noticing a beautiful African woman sitting opposite me on the London Tube. She was wearing a beautiful, colorful dress and her hair was tied up using a scarf which complemented her dress.  She had a vibrant smile and her skin was dark brown and  blemish free. She radiated light. She looked like she belonged in a palace.

During the time I lived in London, I met people from all over the world. The one common trend that prevailed among the African, Middle Eastern, Asian and Oriental immigrants was how dedicated they were to maintain their skin in great condition.

Every baby’s skin is beautiful because it is plumpy, glowy  and blemish free. Overtime our skin loses its vitality and like the rest of our body parts, it requires servicing and maintenance.

We are more educated than ever on  what to eat and how to exercise and yet, we still need to learn how to adequately care for our skin.

It is a rather common belief that caring for our skin is just an extra or even vain. To me, this association is the equivalent to saying that eating an organic healthy diet or practising yoga regularly is vain or useless since our body is going to age anyways.

Some people believe that having many wrinkles and sun spots are part of growing old, when in fact they are the result of not following healthy skin habits over the years.

Just like how we incorporate a healthy diet and regular exercise into our lives  to repair and heal ourselves, we should apply daily quality medicated skin care products and schedule regular “skin work outs”, as I call  the professional in-office skin rejuvenation procedures, to repair and to maintain optimum skin health.

Studies shows that those who look refreshed and youthful are happier than those who look aged and more deteriorated.

When our self image remains positive, we are more likely to get involved in social activities ,which in turn, gives us a sense of connectedness and well being and, as a result, we live longer and more satisfied  lives.

I encourage everyone to develop skin fit habits by investing in their skin health.

It is never too late to start looking after your skin, it is your body’s largest organ after all.

Isabel Soriano

Medical Lasers & Skin Care Specialist @ Cerulean Medical Institute, Kelowna, BC.

Copyright 2016.