Sclerotherapy: The Top 5 Benefits

Cerulean Medical Institute, Kelowna, BC_Sclerotherapy_Love your legs

Are your leg feeling and looking tired? Sclerotherapy might be the solution for you.  It is highly effective in treating and removing  unsightly varicose veins and thread or reticular veins from your legs and body.  Below follow some of its’ benefits:

  1.  It is a simple, non-surgical procedure lasting 15-30 minutes.
  2.  No hospitalization required, thus making it a very affordable procedure.
  3.  There is minimal to no downtime, which means you can resume your normal activities immediately.
  4.  Sclerotherapy can help resolve aching of the lower limbs that are caused by varicose or spider veins.
  5.  People are happy with the look of their legs after treatment and thus feel better about themselves.

Bring back the joy your legs deserve.

Praven Chetty, MD, CCFP, DPD, DAAAM

Medical Director @ Cerulean Medical Institute, Kelowna, BC.

Copyright 2016.