As the seasons change, it is important to adjust your skin care plan accordingly. Each season will bring about new challenges when it comes to skin care, and what works for you through the winter may no longer be as effective as the weather gets warmer. When it comes to cosmetic dermatology in-office treatments, some can be better suited to the spring season than others. At Cerulean Medical Institute, our team of skin care experts can guide you toward the best decision for your skin through any season. As you schedule your consultation in our Kelowna, BC office, here are a few of our spring skin care tips.

1. Schedule IPL or Laser Treatments Now

If you have been considering laser and light treatments to rejuvenate your skin, schedule them sooner rather than later. These treatments are a great way to prepare for spring by creating a smoother and more even appearance, but they are best for the colder months. This is because the recovery period after treatments like laser facials or IPL require you to avoid direct sun exposure to prevent issues such as hyperpigmentation, so professionals like Dr. Chetty often recommend trying them during the colder months when you spend most of your time indoors. You can schedule these treatments during any time of year; however, most patients find the recovery period simpler during the fall or winter.

2. Prepare for Breakouts

Acne is common as the seasons change. Due to higher humidity and warmer temperatures, you are more likely to sweat and increase sebum production in the spring, which can clog pores. Some patients may also see continued dryness in early spring, resulting in dead skin cells that may also clog pores. Continuing the use of heavy winter moisturizers can exacerbate these issues. Prepare for these changes by discussing your seasonal skin care routine during a consultation with our skin care experts. You can also prepare by reviewing your professional acne treatment options if you do experience breakouts. Some options include mild medical-grade chemical peels to treat breakouts, laser treatments to resurface the skin, and dermal fillers or medical microneedling to reduce acne scars. Dr. Chetty may also recommend topical or oral medications to reduce breakouts.

3. Don’t Skip SPF

Even though you should apply SPF daily year-round, many people get forget about sun protection during the winter. If this is the case for you, spring is the best time to incorporate daily SPF into your routine. Make it a habit now so you are protected from sunburn and sun damage by summer. Investing in an SPF product that works well for your skin type is a crucial way to prevent damage and signs of aging long-term. In addition, SPF is key to maintain your skin’s health, preventing issues like skin cancer. Schedule a consultation with our skin care experts to learn more about your best SPF options.

4. Adjust Your Skin Care Routine for the Season

The products that worked best for you during the winter may not be as effective for your needs in spring and summer. For example, moisturizer remains important, but most people will require a lighter product to keep their skin hydrated while avoiding clogged pores. The most effective way to update your skin care routine without the guesswork and time is to schedule a consultation with our experts. At Cerulean Medical Institute, we offer a range of physician-grade products that can help maintain your skin’s health and improve its appearance. Our experts will help you select the products that will address your unique concerns and suit your skin type.

5. Keep Up Exfoliation

As the weather grows warmer, you will likely shed more dry skin compared to the winter months. Continuing to exfoliate will encourage healthy skin cell turnover, which has several benefits. You will see a more luminous, healthy, and youthful appearance as a result of exfoliating and prevent breakouts that can occur as dry or dead skin cells clog pores. Some exfoliation options include a light chemical peel or laser treatment to gently resurface the skin. Chemical exfoliation is a better option for a majority of people, as mechanical exfoliation can be irritating to the skin. Try products containing ingredients such as alpha hydroxy acids (AHA), beta hydroxy acids (BHAs), or poly hydroxy acids (PHA). These work by breaking down the bonds that attach skin cells to the surface, which gently removes them.

6. Start Spring with Fresh, Rejuvenated Skin

The start of a new season is the perfect time for a fresh start with rejuvenated skin. Schedule a service that will address signs of damage that may have occurred over the winter or during the previous spring and summer. Sun damage can result in brown spots or wrinkles. Consider a laser treatment for brown spots, which works by targeting hyper-pigmented cells with specialized wavelengths of laser energy, removing the unwanted pigmentation and creating a smoother skin surface. Laser treatments can also stimulate new collagen production, resulting in fewer wrinkles or fine lines and improved elasticity. If wrinkles are your primary concern, you may also consider Botox to treat dynamic wrinkles near the eyes or brow area or dermal fillers to treat those caused by volume loss near the cheeks, nose, or mouth. 

Schedule a Consultation

The best options for you will vary greatly depending on your specific concerns, skin type, and other factors. For this reason, it is difficult to choose the best treatments or products without a thorough consultation with a skin care specialist. At Cerulean Medical Institute, patients put their trust in the knowledge and expertise of Dr. Chetty and our amazing skin care team, who has been helping patients address their aging concerns for the past decade. Dr. Chetty is the recipient of numerous awards and recognitions, including the RealSelf Top Doctor distinction and RealSelf Hall of Fame inductee.

To schedule your consultation at Cerulean Medical Institute, call our Kelowna, BC office at (778) 402-3696. If you prefer, you may also contact us online.



Dr. Praven Chetty is a multi-award winning aesthetic physician specializing in natural looking, long lasting results. Dr. Praven Chetty combines his vast knowledge of anatomy and ageing with evidenced based cutting-edge techniques for truly customized outcomes.