medical microneedlingMedical Microneedling or collagen induction therapy is an increasingly popular cosmetic treatment option, with celebrities raving about their results and people achieving smoother, more luminous, and more youthful skin without requiring extended downtime or surgery. Patients in Kelowna, BC and the surrounding area turn to Cerulean Medical Institute for professional, safe, and effective microneedling treatment.

Medical Microneedling can be a suitable treatment option for a range of skin concerns. Continue reading to learn five reasons why you may consider microneedling and why the treatment is great for your skin.


1. Stimulate New Collagen Production

The primary reason why microneedling works is by stimulating new collagen production in the skin. For this reason, you may hear the treatment referred to as simply “collagen induction therapy.” Collagen is a naturally-occurring structural protein in the skin which creates a firmer and more elastic appearance by supporting strong and resilient skin. As you get older, collagen production gradually slows. This is why you will eventually develop some sagging, fine lines, wrinkles, and a more hollow or sunken appearance over time, no matter how diligent you are about taking proper care of your skin.

Microneedling stimulates the skin to produce more collagen by creating micro-stimulus or signals. These controlled signals stimulate the body’s natural healing response to create new skin cells and proteins like collagen. As such, you will see an overall more youthful appearance after the healing process is complete.


2. Smooth Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Collagen loss over time, in addition to damage from sun exposure or other factors, is a major contributor to fine lines and wrinkles. As collagen production decreases, the skin becomes less resilient to repeated facial expressions and loses the youthful firmness and elasticity you once had. Stimulating new collagen production with microneedling is a good long-term solution to smooth wrinkles. At the same time, the results will look incredibly natural, since no surgery is required. Microneedling with Botox can help soften dynamic wrinkles, like crow’s feet or 11 lines, as well as wrinkles from volume loss along with dermal fillers, like nasolabial folds. It can be beneficial for wrinkles and lines throughout the face, including around the eyes, cheeks, mouth, or nose.


3. Improve Your Skin Tone and Texture

In addition to wrinkles and lines, medical microneedling creates a more even overall skin tone. This is beneficial for patients who have issues such as sun damage and age spots. During a microneedling procedure, the pigmentation is broken up and new skin cell production creates a more even skin tone.

A range of textural abnormalities can also be improved using microneedling. This includes any roughness as well as enlarged pores. Through new skin cell production, patients will find a smoother and more luminous look after their microneedling procedure.


4. Diminish Scars

Anti-aging is not the only reason why patients may choose microneedling. Scarring, especially acne scars, can be effectively treated by the microneedling procedure as well. Acne scars tend to be depressed. By stimulating new collagen production, microneedling can essentially “fill in” and improve these scars for a smoother surface. At the same time, new cell turnover and breaking up hyperpigmentation reduces redness or dark scarring on the skin. In addition to acne scars, microneedling can be a good treatment option for smaller scars from surgeries, burns, injuries, or even stretch marks.


5. Pair Microneedling with Topical Treatments

Microneedling is frequently followed by applying topical treatments. The procedure creates tiny micro-channels in the skin which the products can absorb and penetrate into, meaning that their active ingredients reach deeper layers of the skin than they typically would. This means that the topical treatments are more effective than they would normally be, allowing patients to enjoy enhanced results.  This can be seen in patients with hair loss or alopecia experiencing increased hair growth to patients with scars and uneven skin tone illustrating more homogenous skin tone and texture after medical microneedling treatments. During your consultation, Dr. Chetty can review your best options to customize your microneedling treatment.


About The Microneedling Procedure

The microneedling procedure begins with thoroughly cleansing the skin and applying a topical numbing agent. Most patients find that the procedure is comfortable overall. The skin is then thoroughly cleaned again. With these steps complete, the microneedling device is then applied to the treatment area to create the controlled micro-channels. While at-home devices typically use rollers, professional medical microneedling devices typically consist of a pen-like tool to prevent dragging or inserting needles at un-natural an angle, which can cause unnecessary damage to the skin.

While a majority of patients treat the face with microneedling, the treatment can also be used for areas such as the neck, hands, back, chest, arms, buttocks, and legs. In these treatment areas, microneedling is useful for treating sun damage, wrinkles, stretch marks, or scarring.

After the microneedling process is complete, topical serums are applied to the treatment area to enhance your results. During your consultation, you can review all of your microneedling options to customize your procedure for the best possible results.


Recovery After Microneedling

One of the many benefits of microneedling is that there is little to no downtime. After microneedling, you will notice that the skin is temporarily pink or red. This typically lasts for just a few days after the treatment. Some sensitivity or tenderness is also normal as the skin heals, generating new collagen and skin cells in the process. The skin will also be photo-sensitive throughout the healing process, making it especially important to avoid direct sun exposure as much as possible and wear SPF. When the healing process is complete, you will notice more luminous, smoother, and younger looking skin.


Schedule a Consultation

If you are interested in microneedling and want to learn more about the procedure, you should schedule a consultation at Cerulean Medical Institute. Dr. Chetty has years of experience in cosmetic dermatology and can suggest the most effective treatment plan that suits your primary skin concerns and skin type. During your consultation, a customized microneedling treatment plan can be created for you to reach your aesthetic goals.

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