Meticulous Lip Injections for Naturally Beautiful Lips

Kelowna Lip injections for lip enhancement and lip augmentation procedures are increasing year by year with our Okanagan clients requesting lip injections at younger ages than before.  At Cerulean Medical Institute in Kelowna BC, Dr. Praven Chetty specializes in providing natural looking fuller or plumper lips by creating harmonious balance in proportions so that the lip matches the relative dimensions of the face.  The key to beautifully naturally enhanced lips lies in the fundamental understanding and respect of the lip anatomy and structure and its relation to the rest of the face particularly the chin and the nose. Say goodbye to thin lips and hello to naturally fuller lips.

Lip Injections for Lip Enhancement

Lip enhancement for beautifully natural looking plumper lips involves enhancing and defining important anatomical structures on and around the lips.  These landmarks include the cupids bow, the vermillion border, philtral columns, oral commisure and peri-oral lines.  The stubborn peri-oral lines are often softened with precise lip injections thus rendering beautifully fuller natural looking lips that are able to bask in their enhanced state without being overshadowed by unwanted peri-oral lines.

Kelowna Lip Fillers

Using newer generation of advanced lip fillers like Juvederm, Teosyal & Belotero and meticulously placing the lip injections into the correct anatomical depths and planes, Dr. Praven Chetty achieves long lasting natural looking results.  The added benefit of the newer generation of lip fillers used at our Kelowna Skin Care Clinic include stimulating your skin’s innate collagen production or collagen neogenesis with longer lasting results.

Lips like faces come in different shapes and sizes, but no matter the shape or size of your lips, Dr. Praven Chetty using advanced anatomical knowledge and lip injection techniques can enhance your lips so that you are left with naturally looking fuller lips.  Book your lip enhancement today.

Dr. Praven Chetty, MD, CCFP, DPD, DAAAM

Medical Director @ Cerulean Medical Institute, Kelowna, BC.

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