Botox Eye and Brow Treatment for Youthful Eyes

Botox in Kelowna eye and brow treatments are some of the many anti-aging treatment options available for eye rejuvenation.  When you talk to people, do you look at their eyes the most?  The majority of us will probably answer yes. Maybe because the eyes are the most sociably accepted area to look at when interacting with one another. They could tell a story, and when building overall first impressions, they play a significant role.  Tom Hartley’s research team conducted a study on first impressions and they found that four of the five features that are most strongly positively correlated with the youthful-attractiveness dimension, relate to the eyes (eye area, height, width, iris) with their research linking relatively large eyes to a youthful and attractive appearance.  In humans the neonate feature of large eyes is considered a sign of youth, fertility and trustworthiness (1). What is more, this facial feature also predicted personality attributions on the female models by the male participants such as altruistic inclinations (2).

Symmetric, well groomed eyebrows and long lashes enhance the shape of the eyes making them wider and bigger along with smooth skin around the eye area; these are factors that contribute to overall facial beauty and a youthful appearance.

With the time and the effects of aging, the eyebrow loses its original shape; the upper eyelids drop making the eyes look smaller and; lines and wrinkles appear in the delicate surrounding skin. However, one of the most commonly heard cosmetic concern is that of the tedious ‘tired look’ evidenced by hollowness under the eyes.

The good news is that there are fantastic non-surgical solutions to keep our eyes looking refreshed while rejuvenating our facial expression.

One of the most popular lunch break cosmetic procedures of our decade are neuromulators injections commonly known by their brand names Botox, Dysport and Xeomin.

The FDA approved Botox Cosmetic in 2002 for the temporary improvement of glabellar lines (wrinkles between the eyebrows, known as frown lines) (3).  Neuromodulator injections are a simple in-office procedure and as such has no downtime when performed by an expert cosmetic doctor. Neuromodulators work by keeping the overactive muscles around the eyes and forehead from contracting so wrinkles do not form on the treated area. Neuromodulators are extremely popular because it is a proven effective method used to be wrinkle free.

When applied by an expert cosmetic doctor, neuromodulators are highly effective in lifting the brow and softening its peripheral lines, thus naturally opening the eyes as well as reshaping the eyebrows curvature.

Moving on to the areas under the eyes; correction of the ‘tired look’ caused by hollowness below the orbit are easily achieved by filling the gap using specially designed dermal fillers. This single procedure can rejuvenate the face instantly. Also filling the hollowness could camouflage the blue and red blood vessels that were unveiled by the loss of facial volume under the orbit resulting in the correction of ‘dark circles’.

For holistic results, it is important to follow a healthy diet, to protect the eyes from the sun, to exercise regularly and to enjoy good quality sleep nightly to keep the eyes looking youthful and eternally refreshed.  As Dr. Praven Chetty often says, “it is all about the symmetry and balance, both on the inside and the outside.”


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