Best skin care preparation tips for winter at Cerulean Medical Institute in Kelowna BC

Your skin care needs will shift with the seasons, and creating an effective skin care plan can be difficult to achieve. At Cerulean Medical Institute, our skin care specialists help Kelowna, BC patients select the best treatment options to meet their changing needs. To prepare for the winter season, learn more about skin care preparation tips you can implement to maintain healthy and beautiful skin.

Add Extra Hydration

Since dry skin is such a common problem through the winter, boosting hydration with a heavier moisturizer is key. Switch from lightweight summer formulas to a heavier or richer moisturizer for the winter. A suitable moisturizer is important for your skin’s health, even for those who have oilier skin types. At Cerulean Medical Institute, our skin care experts can help you choose the best products for your unique skin type in any season.

Don’t Skip SPF

You may not be spending as much time outdoors, but winter is no excuse to skip SPF. Harmful UV rays can reach your skin year-round, so be sure to protect your skin by wearing SPF 30+ daily. This will help prevent skin cancer as well as signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles, or sunspots. Be especially careful to protect your skin if you do participate in outdoor activities in the winter such as skiing. Wearing appropriate sunglasses on sunnier winter days will also protect your eyes and the eye area. If you are unsure of the best SPF products for you, schedule an appointment at Cerulean Medical Institute for advice from our experts.

Remember to Exfoliate

Dryness is a common problem during the winter months. For this reason, it’s important to exfoliate regularly to maintain a clear and refreshed appearance and prevent breakouts. Dead skin cell buildup contributes to issues like dullness or acne and makes your skin care products less effective. To remove dead cells and other debris, be sure to exfoliate about one to three times per week, depending on your skin type or sensitivity. Chemical exfoliating products are typically best for your skin’s health.

In addition to at-home exfoliation, you can have professional treatments to remove dead skin cells and thoroughly rejuvenate the skin. Chemical peels and resurfacing laser facials are two exfoliating options that Cerulean Medical Institute offers to patients in Kelowna.

Modifications to Avoid Skin Dryness

Through the winter months, there are a few steps you can take to avoid excessive dry skin. Switch to a gentler cleanser to avoid stripping your skin. You can look for cleansers that are free from irritants like fragrances to further avoid sensitivity as well, or ask for a recommendation during a consultation. Taking shorter and warm, rather than hot, showers is also a good option to avoid drying your skin during the winter months. Finally, using a humidifier in your home will help prevent excessive dryness.

Take Care of Your Hands

We tend to focus on our face the most when it comes to skin care, but don’t neglect other areas such as the hands. Frequent hand washing, exposure to the cold winter air, and time spent in direct sunlight all mean that the hands are prone to dryness as well as early signs of aging like wrinkles, volume loss, and sunspots. Wearing gloves or mittens whenever you are outdoors can help prevent these signs of aging or dryness and cracking or flaking skin. Similarly, wearing gloves as you clean or wash dishes will help prevent your skin from irritation due to cleaning products or hot water. Use a rich hand cream or moisturizer often throughout the day, especially after you wash your hands.

If you start to notice aging signs in the hands, you can have hand rejuvenation treatment. Volume loss in the backs of the hands due to decreased collagen creates a sunken or aged appearance, so Radiesse is used to replace lost collagen and stimulate new, natural collagen production. The result is a more youthful, rejuvenated, and natural healthy look hands.

Have a Professional Skin Treatment

Many professional skin treatment options require a minimal to no downtime or at least require you to avoid direct sun exposure as you heal. This is much easier to achieve during the winter months, when fewer social activities require you to spend time outdoors. For this reason, winter can be the perfect time to have a professional cosmetic treatment.

Botox is an extremely popular injectable which reduces wrinkles and fine lines that are formed as a result of repeated facial expressions like squinting or smiling. Like other injections, no downtime is required after receiving Botox. Winter is also a great time to have this option so you can enjoy a naturally youthful look and boosted confidence for holiday parties and family photos.

IPL, or Intense Pulsed Light, is a photorejuvenation treatment in which light energy are directed to the skin to target unwanted pigmentation and stimulate new skin cell development. This is a great option for a range of concerns like skin discoloration, sunspots, rosacea and redness, or acne scars. However, the skin is photosensitive throughout the recovery process after IPL. You will want to spend most of your healing time indoors and protected with SPF when outdoors, making winter perfect for IPL.

If you notice multiple signs of aging that you want to address, a non-surgical facelift is a great option. This typically involves the use of both neuromodulators like Botox paired with dermal fillers like Juvéderm to reduce dynamic wrinkles and restore lost volume throughout the face. Your non-surgical facelift can be customized according to your specific concerns for complete rejuvenation and a natural-looking result.

Schedule a Consultation

To learn more about the best skin care treatments and products to incorporate into your winter routine, you can schedule an appointment with Cerulean Medical Institute’s anti-aging skin care specialists. They will evaluate your skin type and concerns to recommend effective, medical-grade skin care products tailored to your needs.

If you are interested in a professional skin treatment, the first step is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Chetty. During your consultation, he will evaluate your skin and review your medical history to develop a personalized treatment plan that will achieve your cosmetic goals and improve the health of your skin.

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