Top Reasons people opt for IPL at Cerulean Medical Institute in Kelowna BCIn the past, surgical procedures like facelifts were the only effective options for reversing signs of aging. Today, non-surgical technologies allow patients to treat signs of aging and achieve smooth, glowing, healthy skin at any age. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Photorejuvenation is one such treatment option. This technology works to reduce unwanted and irregular pigmentation, build new collagen, and create a healthy and youthful look. Here are some of the top reasons why our Kelowna, BC patients choose IPL Photorejuvenation at Cerulean Medical Institute.


How Does IPL Photorejuvenation Work?

IPL Photorejuvenation uses intense, targeted light to precisely eliminate unwanted pigmentation, damaged cells, unwanted redness and blood vessels from the skin. The treatment utilizes a handheld device which emits intermittent pulses of light directed at the treatment area. IPL differs from laser treatments as rather than using a single wavelength, IPL incorporates many wavelengths into a single pulse throughout the course of treatment. It uses a larger handpiece than a laser and is useful for a variety of skin rejuvenation purposes.


IPL Can Remove Unwanted Pigmentation

The light emitted by an IPL Photorejuvenation treatment targets pigmented skin cells. These pigmented cells then absorb the light energy and convert it to heat, which subsequently destroys the cells. This makes it useful for breaking apart unwanted pigmentation within the skin.

You may choose IPL to treat genetic hyperpigmentation. This includes common concerns like certain birthmarks or freckles. It can also be beneficial for pigmented lesions in the skin such as visible blood vessels or rosacea.

Hyperpigmentation as a result of aging can also be addressed using IPL Photorejuvenation. This can include sunspots or age spots for example.

Finally, pigmented scars can be treated using IPL. This includes many acne scars. If your scars are textured, Dr. Chetty may recommend pairing IPL with adjunctive scar treatment options to smooth out depressions or raised scar tissue.


IPL for Skin Resurfacing

In addition to removing unwanted pigmentation, IPL is beneficial for creating an overall smoother skin surface. IPL stimulates the natural healing and regenerative process to replace and repair damaged skin cells and collagen. This results in new, healthy collagen production. The skin will therefore be tighter, more elastic, and more youthful looking. This makes IPL a good treatment option for wrinkles and fine lines. Other types of irregular texture in the skin, such as minor raised or depressed scars, will also be improved after IPL.


IPL for Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is another reason why patients undergo IPL treatment. IPL targets pigmented cells and can be used to remove hair in those who have darker hair and lighter skin. The light energy is attracted to the darker hair follicles and ultimately removes them so that new hair can no longer grow. This works in much the same way that IPL is used to treat pigmentation in the skin. Common hair removal treatment areas include the face, neck, back, chest, legs, underarms, or bikini line.


Who is a Good Candidate for IPL Photorejuvenation?

IPL Photorejuvenation is a versatile treatment option and useful for a wide range of conditions and concerns, however, it is not for everyone. IPL targets pigmentation, it is not recommended for patients with darker skin tones. These patients may suffer from skin damage or hyperpigmentation issues as a result of IPL Photorejuvenation. In addition, patients who are currently taking Accutane for acne should not choose IPL Photorejuvenation. Finally, those who are prone to keloid scarring may not be good candidates. During a consultation at Cerulean Medical Institute, Dr. Chetty will carefully examine your skin and evaluate your concerns to determine whether IPL Photorejuvenation is right for you. If you are not a good candidate, he can recommend alternative treatment options that can effectively treat your concerns, such as chemical peels, or other types of laser facials.


The IPL Photorejuvenation Procedure

Before your IPL Photorejuvenation procedure begins, the skin will be thoroughly cleansed. A numbing or cooling gel can then be applied to the skin to keep you comfortable throughout the process, and you will be given protective eyewear. When the IPL pulses begin, you may feel a mild sensation similar to a snap from a rubber band. There is no discomfort with IPL treatments and it is generally well-tolerated by patients and should not be particularly painful. In general, IPL Photorejuvenation takes about 20-30 minutes to complete. This depends on the size of the treatment area, and Dr. Chetty will explain what to expect before your treatment begins.

Multiple IPL Photorejuvenation sessions are usually recommended in order to reach your best possible results. The total number of treatments will depend on the skin condition and severity thereof. During your consultation, Dr. Chetty will explain your unique treatment plan and how many sessions you will require. Each treatment session is scheduled at least a month apart.


Recovery After IPL

In addition to the effective results of IPL, patients often choose this option because no downtime is required after treatment. You will notice some redness and sensitivity in the treatment area, which should dissipate after a few hours. Most patients describe this as similar to a sunburn. You may also notice some mild swelling, which should resolve quickly. Dr. Chetty may advise you to avoid hot tubs and saunas as your skin heals following IPL treatment. He will give you specific aftercare instructions so you can achieve your best possible results and avoid any complications.


Which Procedures Can I Pair with IPL Photorejuvenation?

For most IPL Photorejuvenation patients, pairing the treatment with other anti-aging options can enhance your results. These options include injectables like Botox or Dermal fillers to reduce wrinkles as you build new collagen and address sunspots or age spots. Skin tightening procedures can also pair well with IPL to address aging signs throughout the face and body. Finally, medical grade skincare will allow you to enjoy your results long-term and maintain healthy skin. Dr. Chetty will recommend a complete treatment plan and at-home regimen to achieve the best possible results.


Schedule a Consultation

To learn more about IPL Photorejuvenation, schedule a consultation at Cerulean Medical Institute in Kelowna, BC. Dr. Chetty and our skin care experts will happily answer any questions you may have and develop a treatment plan that is tailored to your unique needs. Call our office at (778) 402-3696 or contact us online to set up your first appointment.





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