Laser Hair Removal Kelowna

Laser hair removal is quickly becoming the gold standard in hair removal – and with good reason. Clients report spectacular results in just a few weeks, without the pain and discomfort of electrolysis or waxing.  If you’ve been considering an alternative to traditional hair removal techniques, we invite you to consider this safe, effective treatment for permanent results that are unparalleled with any other method. Our professionally certified clinicians specialize in providing lasting solutions for people with all skin types, and most hair colours. We use only the most up to date equipment and techniques to ensure the highest in safety standards.


About Laser Hair Removal

How does custom laser hair removal work?
Our lasers work by producing a highly concentrated beam of light. The light is absorbed by the melanin in the hair. The heat produced by this process damages the follicle, which in turn prevents regrowth. Laser pulses last less than a second, and are determined in advance based on skin type, hair colour and melanin levels. The laser light closes off blood vessels to actively growing hair, which forces the hair to fall out.

Clients can expect to lose approximately 30 percent of hair per session, and sometimes more. Results can be seen almost immediately with some hair being shed instantly, while the remainder of hair is shed over 2 to 3 weeks.  Most hairs will not grow back, and those that do will generally be finer and lighter in colour.

How many treatments will it take for me to be hair free?
Your Kelowna hair removal clinician will discuss your specific custom laser hair removal program and will outline expectations before therapy begins. Generally, the darker and thicker the hair, the more appointments it will take to remove it.  We expect approximately 4-8 treatments to complete the process entirely, and are always able to offer minor touch ups if any regrowth occurs.

Why use laser treatments?

Custom Laser Hair Removal

When compared with non-permanent processes, such as shaving or waxing, the answer is clear.  Laser hair removal treatment provides cleaner, smoother skin without the inconvenience of shaving, or the pain and cost of regular waxing.  Electrolysis, while also permanent, can take months to complete and is generally a much more costly endeavour.  Alternatively, laser hair removal is relatively fast, and much more affordable than electrolysis or repeated waxing.  The results are far superior to other methods, and the effects last a lifetime.  A one-time investment that lasts forever.

Is laser therapy painful?

Permanent Hair Removal

Our clients tell us that laser therapy is very simple compared to waxing or electrolysis, but because it is a permanent hair removal treatment, any extra discomfort is well worth the effort. A mild stinging or buzzing feeling accompanies the laser pulses. Most patients tolerate the treatment without any problems, but topical anesthetic can be used for sensitive areas, if required.

Possible side effects of laser therapy

Custom Laser Hair Removal

Because of the individualized nature of custom laser hair removal, patient experiences can vary, however, most report little discomfort after laser therapy. Some redness and swelling, resembling a sunburn, can occur. Applying sunscreen after your appointment can help with this problem, as can using cool packs on the affected area. In some rare cases, bruising or blistering can occur, but these symptoms are usually resolved on their own without medical intervention.

Pre-Treatment recommendations

Permanent Hair Removal

We recommend that patients avoid sun exposure or tanning for several weeks before their session.  Tanning can change the effects and outcome of laser hair removal, and is to be avoided to ensure the best possible outcome. We also advise patients to avoid waxing or electrolysis before laser hair removal because these remove the roots, which will also affect the final result.

Post treatment

Best Laser Hair Removal Kelowna | Results

For the best possible results after your laser hair removal, it’s important to take care of your skin:

-Make sure to limit sun exposure to your sensitive skin

-Hydrate to help your skin heal from the inside out

-Moisturize as instructed to keep skin healthy

-Avoid hot showers, hot tubs or saunas for a minimum of 12 hours after laser hair removal

-Help shed hair with a gentle scrubbing with a mild antibacterial product

What are the pros of permanent hair removal?

Permanent Hair Removal | Benefits

-Less time at the salon. Save the time and expense of regular waxing visits.  The cost of routine salon hair removal really adds up.  With visits required every 4 to 6 weeks with no permanent results, it’s easy to see that laser hair removal is the sensible solution.

-No more shaving. If you aren’t waxing, then you’re shaving.  Yes, it’s more cost effective, but the maintenance is a definite grind.  Consider the freedom of being beach ready at any given moment – no shaving cream required!

-Better outcomes. Laser hair removal treatment leaves you with soft, beautiful skin, without stubble or ingrown hairs that can leave unsightly bumps.  Just a few simple visits can leave you with smooth, soft skin that always looks great.

-Improved treatment time. Compared to electrolysis, laser hair removal takes a fraction of the time.

How much does laser hair removal cost?

Cost of Laser Hair Removal

The cost of laser hair removal varies depending on the number of sessions required and the area that is being worked on. Since individual regimens are unique to each person, it’s best to make an appointment for a cosmetic consultation with one of our skilled clinicians to get a detailed outline of the number of appointments you will require, as well as an estimate of overall costs.

Laser Hair Removal Kelowna Prices

Still not quite sure? Come in and visit our spa-like medical facility and let us answer any questions you may have.  We’re sure you’ll see that we offer professional laser hair removal Kelowna clients are enjoying with flawless, permanent results. We are committed to first-rate patient care and satisfaction. Our goal is to help you to look and feel your very best.  When compared to the ongoing costs associated with non- permanent hair removal practices, laser hair removal Kelowna prices can offer a less expensive option over time. If you’re ready to take the next step in hair removal, we’re here to help.