IPL Treatment for Sun Damaged Skin

With summer waving it’s last hurrah in Kelowna, its time to get your skin back into the healthy shape it deserves.  IPL or Intense Pulsed Light therapy sometimes called BBL or broadband light therapy is an ideal skin care treatment option to help tackling the remnants of summer’s influence on your skin.  From brown marks, sun spots, worsening age spots, liver spots, dark spots on the face to red spots, thread veins, diffuse redness and rosace;  IPL treatment is a fantastic therapeutic option to get your skin looking it’s best.

At our Kelowna skin care clinic, we are glad to offer our clients an award winning IPL treatment platform that is able to address their skin care concerns with the added benefit of minimal to no downtime.  Our advanced IPL treatment device uses a wide array of various wavelengths to treat various pigmentary skin conditions safely and effectively with the bonus of contact cooling during IPL treatments making for an ultra comfortable treatment session at our state of the art skin care centre in Kelowna, BC.

IPL Treatment Added Benefits:

  • Increased collagen synthesis or neocollagenesis with softening of wrinkles and lines
  • Improved skin texture and tone
  • Improved complexion and glow
  • Effective hair removal treatment
  • Sometimes used for stretch mark treatment

Apart from facial treatments, IPL treatment can also be used on other body areas including the neck and the top of the hands.

The IPL before and after photos below illustrate the fantastic evenly toned skin with decreased brown spots and hyperpigmentation after a series of IPL treatments at our skin care centre in the Okanagan, BC.  The number of IPL treatment sessions vary according to the amount of skin pigmentation or sun damage evident as well as taking into account patient treatment goals.  Whatever the skin condition, our Kelowna skin care specialists will tailor make a customized treatment plan to ensure you wear your healthiest skin from here on end.  Call us today to book your customized IPL treatment and say goodbye to sun damaged skin, brown spots and rosacea leaving you with your healthiest skin ever.

Praven Chetty, MD, CCFP, DPD, DAAAM

Medical Director @ Cerulean Medical Institute, Kelowna, BC.

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