Hperpigmentation Prevention & Treatment at Cerulean Medical Institute in Kelowna BC

Hyperpigmentation is a common skin condition that affects many people. One of the main contributors to hyperpigmentation is sun damage. As we approach the warm summer months, it’s important to know how you can prevent and treat hyperpigmentation to maintain healthy and beautiful skin.

What is Hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation is a broad term for skin discoloration caused by excess melanin production and deposition. Melanin is the pigmentation in the skin, hair, and eyes that gives it color. The more melanin people have, the darker their skin and/or hair. Hyperpigmentation can develop almost anywhere on the body but is commonly found on the face, neck, chest, and arms. These are frequently sun-exposed areas and over time, the sun-damaged skin cells will start to produce too much melanin.

What Causes Hyperpigmentation?

Excess sun exposure, hormonal changes during pregnancy or menopause, and skin injury can all cause excess melanin production, leading to darker skin pigmentation. Some people are also more at risk of developing hyperpigmentation because of genetics, skin type, or medical conditions like Addison’s disease and thyroid disorders. Specific types of hyperpigmentation include melasma, age spots, sun spots, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

How to Prevent Hyperpigmentation

There are many ways that you can prevent and treat hyperpigmentation at home. Consider the following additions to your skincare routine to maintain healthy skin:

Sun Protection

The sun is one of the main contributors to premature skin aging, including fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots. Sun damage and excess exposure also increase your risk of skin cancer. A broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30+ along with a hat and UV protectant clothing should be worn daily to protect your skin from harmful sun exposure. Broad-spectrum sunscreens offer protection against both UVA and UVB rays. It is also best to avoid direct sun exposure during it’s maximal UV intensity.


Retinol is a potent form of vitamin A found in medical-grade skincare products. Retinol increases the rate of cell turnover and stimulates collagen production to resurface healthy new skin cells and reduce hyperpigmentation.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C in skincare has a brightening effect that can help you achieve a more even skin tone. Ascorbic acid is a potent form of vitamin C that also has anti-oxidant and regenerative properties to repair damaged skin tissues and promote the growth of new, healthy skin.

Azelaic Acid

Azelaic acid is used as a topical anti-inflammatory and skin brightener that neutralizes inflammatory free radicals. Its anti-inflammatory properties minimize rosacea and acne which can lead to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid moisturizes the skin and helps create a protective skin barrier to prevent skin damage, including hyperpigmentation. It is naturally found in the body and used in many skincare products and skin rejuvenating treatments.

Treatment Options for Hyperpigmentation

We offer many treatment options for hyperpigmentation at our Kelowna skincare clinic. At your initial consultation, Dr. Chetty will assess your skin and discuss hyperpigmentation treatment options in greater detail to develop a customized treatment plan for your skin concerns.

Chemical Peels

A chemical peel exfoliates the skin and removes damaged skin cells that contribute to the appearance of hyperpigmentation. Chemical peels can also be used to treat acne scars, wrinkles, dull skin, and other surface imperfections. At Cerulean Medical Institute, we offer a variety of medical-grade peels with different strengths and chemical formulas that are tailored to different skin types and skin concerns.

Laser Treatment

Our state of the art skincare clinic offer specialized laser treatment for brown spots and other forms of hyperpigmentation. Non-invasive lasers target melanin in the skin and the pigmented lesions absorb the laser light. This energy ultimately destroys the pigmentation, restoring smoother, unblemished skin. These are not painful treatments and patients often compare the laser to a mild warmth on the skin.

IPL Photorejuvenation

IPL (intense pulsed light) is similar to laser treatment but instead uses a broadband of light energy instead of a singular laser beam. IPL Photorejuvenation is mainly used to treat pigmented lesions like brown spots, sun spots, spider veins, and broken capillaries. One of the main benefits of IPL for hyperpigmentation treatments is that it can be used more quickly and effectively over larger treatment areas.


Microneedling is a skin rejuvenation treatment that stimulates collagen production to resurface healthy new skin. The microneedling device punctures the skin with multiple fine needles to trigger the body’s natural healing process and production of new collagen. The new collagen plumps the skin and removes hyperpigmentation and other surface blemishes with a new layer of healthy skin.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers that stimulate collagen production are used for facial and hand rejuvenation at our office. Radiesse uses calcium microspheres to immediately plump the skin, but patients can also expect long-term benefits as the microspheres break down and stimulate collagen. New collagen plumps and resurfaces the skin, restoring a more youthful appearance. It can be beneficial for mild forms of hyperpigmentation.

Which Hyperpigmentation Treatment is Right for You?

A consultation with Dr. Chetty is the best way to determine the safest and most effective treatment for your specific care. At the consultation, your medical history will be discussed, and your skin will be examined to determine which treatment or combination of treatments you can benefit from the most. For example, if you have sensitive skin or a history of bleeding, less invasive treatments will be recommended. Pregnant women might also not be candidates for various treatments, but we can recommend pregnancy-safe skincare products to combat and prevent skin damage.

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Dr. Praven Chetty is a multi-award winning aesthetic physician specializing in natural looking, long lasting results. Dr. Praven Chetty combines his vast knowledge of anatomy and ageing with evidenced based cutting-edge techniques for truly customized outcomes.