Best Skincare Tips for Summer

It should come as no surprise that your skin care needs will shift with the seasons. During the summer months, your skin care should include lightweight products that allow you to cope with the heat as well as ingredients that protect your skin from increased sun exposure. The best way to perfect your skin care for the summer is to see a skin care specialist who can recommend the best skin care and treatments for your unique skin type, needs, and goals. Patients near Kelowna, BC can turn to Cerulean Medical Institute to answer any skin care questions they might have and enjoy healthy, beautiful skin. Before your first appointment, here are some of our best skin care tips for the summer.


1. Never Skip SPF

SPF is a must for all seasons, but it is especially important in the summer months. You should wear SPF daily to protect your skin from damaging UV rays, which can cause serious issues like skin cancer as well as signs of aging like wrinkles, sunspots, broken capillaries, etc. It is important to use SPF sunscreen even on cloudy days or days when you aren’t planning to spend much time outdoors. It can be helpful to choose products like moisturizers or makeup that already include SPF so you will be sure not to forget. As a general rule of thumb, it is best to choose sunscreens that include broad-spectrum protection and SPF 30+. Choose physical sunscreens, which use minerals such as zinc to block harmful rays, and are effective in maintaining your skin’s health. If it is sunnier or you are outdoors for long periods of time, be sure to reapply every 80 to 120 minutes. This is especially important if you are swimming or sweating. Stick to the shade if you can and wear protective clothing like sunglasses or sun hats.


2. Gentle Exfoliation for Summer

Like SPF, exfoliation is important all year. However, summer is one of the best times to focus on exfoliation. Most people find that their skin is drier and more sensitive during the winter, so summer can be a great opportunity to opt for stronger exfoliation methods without irritating your skin too much. It can also be beneficial to help you avoid acne, as the skin can be oilier and more prone to blocked pores when the weather is warm and humid. Try skin care that contain salicylic acid if your skin is oily or acne-prone or use alpha-hydroxy acid products at night to chemically exfoliate. Remember that physical exfoliation can be too rough and damaging for the skin on your face but may be beneficial for your body.


3. Choose Skin Care Products with Vitamin C

Antioxidants are an excellent way to boost protection from UV rays during the summer months. Ingredients like vitamin C help treat sun damage and reduce any unwanted pigmentation. This is because antioxidants help to reduce free radical damage to your skin cells, which can be caused by sun exposure or other environmental factors. Try incorporating a serum that includes vitamin C to your morning and night skin care routine. You can apply it immediately after cleansing your skin—just remember to include SPF after. Some other antioxidant ingredients to look out for include kojic acid, azelaic acid, or tranexamic acid.


4. Switch to Lightweight Skin Care Products

During the warmer season, your skin is more likely to feel oily. When it’s hot outside, it can also feel uncomfortable to have heavier creams on your skin. For this reason, many people choose to switch their routines for lighter weight products. You can try a hyaluronic acid serum instead of a moisturizing cream, for example. You are less likely to face dry skin in the summer, this can be a great alternative to keep your skin moisturized and healthy without feeling too heavy and clogging your pores.


5. Be Cautious with Retinol

Retinol products are very beneficial in a number of ways, but you should use them cautiously. Retinols can brighten, reduce fine lines, address hyperpigmentation, and even reduce acne. However, they also result in photosensitivity, meaning that you can be more susceptible to sun damage. For this reason, it is best to use any skin care containing retinol at night to prevent irritation. If you do use retinols, it is especially important not to skip SPF during the day.


6. Avoid Sun Exposure After Professional Treatments

You don’t need to avoid professional treatments altogether during the summer months, but after certain procedures you need good personal after care. Your skin is more sensitive to sun exposure after certain treatment options including chemical peels, IPL, or laser facials. During the healing process following these procedures, your cosmetic dermatologist or skin care expert will advise you to avoid direct sun exposure for a few days until your skin has completely healed. So, for example, it would be a poor choice to schedule such treatments just before a summer vacation. While your skin heals, stay indoors if you can and protect your skin with a sun hat or SPF as instructed.


7. Purchase Dermatologist-Recommended Skin Care

Choosing the correct skin care routine for your skin type and the changing seasons can be confusing and difficult. A cosmetic dermatologist and skin care specialists can help assess your needs and recommend professional-quality skin care products that will be effective for you in reaching your goals and keeping your skin healthy. At Cerulean Medical Institute, we offer ZO skin care. These cosmeceuticals were developed by a world-renowned dermatologist and are proven to be effective. After a consultation with our dermatologists, we can help you choose the ZO skin care that will work best for you, including gentle exfoliators, broad-spectrum SPF, retinols, and more.


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