Rosacea treatment benefits at Cerulean Medical Institute in Kelowna BC

Many people struggle with rosacea, which can cause both cosmetic and medical concerns. Patients in Kelowna, BC may have difficulty with rosacea, as the outdoor activities that are part of a typical lifestyle can be common triggers for rosacea flare-ups. Thankfully, effective treatment options are available to reduce symptoms, boost confidence, and reduce discomfort associated with rosacea symptoms. Dr. Chetty will help guide you to the best treatment option for you during a consultation at Cerulean Medical Institute. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of rosacea treatment.

Is it Necessary to Treat Rosacea?

Some patients may believe that it is unnecessary to treat rosacea, assuming the problem is only cosmetic in nature. However, rosacea can progress over time, causing symptoms that may not be limited to your appearance. For example, about half of all rosacea patients will develop eye problems at some point in their life, with symptoms such as swelling and redness in the eyelids, itching, burning, and sensitivity to light. Having a very experienced and knowledgeable skin care expert like Dr. Chetty examine your skin early when you notice rosacea symptoms will allow for better outcomes and reduce the risk of rosacea worsening.

In addition, symptoms like redness, visible capillaries and veins, or acne-like breakouts will typically worsen over time, making them more difficult to treat at a later stage. As an example, patients undergoing laser treatments to reduce redness and visible blood vessels will see results in fewer treatment sessions if they choose to treat their rosacea earlier.

Finally, it is important not to underestimate the mental health benefits of rosacea treatment. Rosacea symptoms can cause significant self-esteem issues, which will impact a patient’s day-to-day life. Treating these symptoms can greatly improve self-confidence, reduce stress and boost self-esteem.

If you are unsure whether your rosacea is severe enough to require treatment, it is always recommended to schedule a consultation to be sure.

Improve Skin Tone

The primary and most obvious benefit of treating rosacea is relieving the common visible symptoms of rosacea. This includes redness and visible blood vessels, which often cause patients some self-consciousness. Professional rosacea treatment can effectively reduce facial redness, creating a more even and smooth skin tone. This can boost confidence for many patients and allow them to go through their daily routines without worrying about a flushed appearance and uneven skin tone.

Reduce Acne

Acne or acne-like breakouts are a common inflammatory rosacea symptom. This can be difficult to control with at-home treatments, especially because rosacea causes sensitivity that can be worsened with unsuitable products or treatments. Professional rosacea treatment options will reduce acneiform rosacea so patients can once again enjoy smooth skin and stop worrying about acne breakouts due to rosacea.

Anti-Aging Benefits

Some patients may have rosacea symptoms early on in life, but many experience the condition later on. This means that the appearance of rosacea can be a visible sign of aging for many. In particular, visible blood vessels can make you look older. In addition to relieving rosacea symptoms like redness and visible blood vessels, many rosacea treatments have added anti-aging benefits. For example, IPL  or BBL therapy stimulates new collagen production for firmer skin with improved elasticity. This means that the overall tone and texture of the skin will be more even and youthful as a result of the rosacea treatment at Cerulean Medical Institute.

Prevent Rhinophyma

Rhinophyma or enlarged bumpy nose is a difficult rosacea symptom for patients to deal with that cannot be concealed with makeup. Patients with rhinophyma will experience an enlarged nose due to swelling and acneiform rosacea. In some cases, rhinophyma will be quite extreme, disfiguring the nose and causing discomfort. Professional rosacea treatment can help prevent rhinophyma and slow the condition from worsening over time.

Rosacea Treatment Options

Some of the best options to treat rosacea is Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy or Broadband Light (BBL). These treatments each work to target hyperpigmentation in the skin. During IPL or BBL therapy, rapid light energies are directed at the affected skin, targeting and ultimately destroying unnecessary pigmentation within the skin. This is particularly beneficial for patients who have visible red veins as a result of rosacea. Most patients who undergo IPL or BBL for rosacea will require four to six treatment sessions acutely, which can be scheduled about four weeks apart.

In addition to laser and light treatments, antibiotics, creams, or other topicals can be useful in treating rosacea. The best option for you will vary depending on the stage of your rosacea, specific symptoms you experience and the severity thereof. During a consultation with our skin care experts at Cerulean Medical Institute, Dr. Chetty will discuss your best treatment options to control and reduce the rosacea symptoms that bother you most.

Preventing Rosacea Flare-Ups

In addition to treating current rosacea symptoms, it is beneficial to take some steps to prevent future rosacea flare-ups and slow the progression of rosacea. Prevention of rosacea exacerbations are key. Understanding your rosacea triggers is an important way to prevent redness or other symptoms from recurring or worsening. Some common rosacea triggers include spicy foods, alcohol, caffeine, chocolate, stress, anxiety, irritating skin or hair care products, exercise, and certain medications. Dr. Chetty can help you identify some of your rosacea triggers and how to best avoid them.

One important consideration is whether your regular skin care routine is suitable for your rosacea. Skin care that have benefits for some people can be irritating for patients with rosacea and should be avoided. During an appointment with our skin care experts, you will receive recommendations for professional medical grade skin care that will reduce your rosacea symptoms and help you achieve your healthiest and most beautiful skin. In particular, it is crucial for rosacea patients to use a suitable SPF daily to help protect their skin. This is especially important in Kelowna, where weather and outdoor activities can be triggering for rosacea patients.

Schedule a Consultation

To learn more about your best rosacea treatment options and the benefits for your unique skin type, schedule a consultation at Cerulean Medical Institute. Call our Kelowna, BC office at (778) 402-3696 or contact us online. Our skin care experts will be happy to evaluate your concerns and create a customized treatment plan, recommending rosacea treatment solutions that will be most effective in improving your rosacea symptoms.



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