Common myths about botoxBotox is one of the most popular anti-aging treatments available globally. Botox cosmetic has be used safely worldwide over the past 30 years in a multitude of patients. Despite its household name status, there are also many myths and misconceptions about the treatment option. At Cerulean Medical Institute, we can answer any questions you may have about Botox during a thorough consultation. Before your appointment, here are some of the most common Botox myths debunked.


Myth 1: Botox Creates a Frozen Look

The idea that Botox will freeze all of your facial expressions is one of the most common myths about the product. Over-injecting Botox or injecting in incorrect areas can cause limited facial movement or a surprised or shocked look. Experienced injectors understand how much Botox should be injected and take a scientific approach to make sure that results look natural. At Cerulean Medical Institute we specialize at natural looking results through a thorough understanding of anatomy and injecting with clinical precision.


Myth 2: Botox Can Fix Any Wrinkles

Botox is only suitable to treat dynamic wrinkles. These are the wrinkles that form due to movement, like squinting, frowning, or scowling. Common dynamic wrinkles include crow’s feet, frown lines or 11 lines (also known as glabellar lines) between the eyebrows, or horizontal lines that form when you raise your eyebrows. Botox works by softening these facial wrinkles and lines.

Other lines and wrinkles are typically caused by volume loss or skin laxity, resulting in folds or sunken area. This includes perioral lines or nasolabial folds, for example. These types of wrinkles are better treated with dermal fillers. It’s very common for patients to have a combination of Botox and fillers to complete a rejuvenated look.


Myth 3: Botox and Fillers are the Same

Some may mistakenly assume that all cosmetic injectables are the same. Rather, there are two main categories: neuromodulators and dermal fillers. Botox is the most well-known neuromodulator. Fillers, however, are typically composed of hyaluronic acid and can be used to address age-related volume loss or non-surgically augment facial areas like the lips, chin, jawline, temples or cheeks. Some common dermal fillers include Juvéderm, Belotero, Teosyal and Radiesse.


Myth 4: Botox is Only for Patients Over 50

Botox is commonly used after patients begin to see signs of aging, but it can also be extremely beneficial as a preventative treatment. Patients as young as their mid-twenties may turn to preventative Botox to soften their facial wrinkles and lines and ensure that they don’t develop deeper wrinkles at all. If you wait until your fifties to start Botox, you may be playing catchup. By this age, wrinkles can already be deeper-set or etched in and may require more extensive treatments. In these cases, Dr. Chetty may suggest treatment options like dermal fillers, chemical peels or laser treatments to smooth wrinkles along with Botox.


Myth 5: Botox is Unsafe

This myth stems from the fact that Botox uses a muscle relaxant to achieve its results. However, the botulinum toxin within Botox is carefully prepared and purified so that it is not harmful to the body. The ingredient transiently blocks receptors in the muscles where it is injected but does not reach the central nervous system. This means that it is very safe and does not cause any systemic effect to the body. At Cerulean Medical Institute, your Botox injections will be performed by a cosmetic expert with advanced training and experience to ensure that the entire procedure is safe and effective.


Myth 6: Botox Injections are Painful

Botox is injected into the skin, which makes some first-time patients nervous. However, they are often surprised at how little discomfort Botox injections by our expert injectors cause. The needles used to inject Botox are very small, and the procedure is completed within about five to ten minutes on average. Often, you will also receive a topical numbing cream to keep you comfortable throughout the injection procedure.


Myth 7: Botox Results are Immediate

Botox after injection starts to work on relaxing the neuroreceptors in specific muscle groups. The beneficial effects of Botox are gradual and you might start noticing the effects within a couple of days. Full therapeutic effect and outcome is only seen one to two weeks later when a sufficient amount of neuroreceptors and muscles are relaxed enough to deliver a refreshed youthful looking appearance.


Myth 8: Once You Start Getting Botox, You Can’t Stop

Botox results are temporary. On average, Botox results last about three to four months, because the muscle will naturally revert to baseline. Botox results at Cerulean Medical Institute in Kelowna are subtle and natural-looking, so most people should not notice a significant change if you decide to stop receiving injections. If you still want to smooth lines and wrinkles, other anti-wrinkle treatment options are available for you to try.


Myth 9: Botox is Just for Women

It’s true that women are more likely to have Botox, but the treatment is a great option for virtually any patient regardless of gender. More and more men are trying Botox or Brotox to help them maintain a youthful look. Male Botox patients frequently find that their results help them feel more confident and competitive, which allows them to be more successful at work or in social interactions. At Cerulean Medical Institute, our team will work to ensure that you are completely comfortable and welcome during your experience, even if you feel like you’re not the typical Botox patient.


Myth 10: Botox is Only for Wrinkles

Botox can be used to treat more than just wrinkles. Botox can be used for a brow lift, slimming of the jawline or masseters, softening of the puckered or dimpled chin, enhance of the jawline and neck or a Nefertiti lift, reducing excessive sweating of the armpits, palms or soles as well as improving migraines and cervical dystonias.  Botox illustrates significant improvement in quality of life and wellbeing.


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Dr. Praven Chetty is a multi-award winning aesthetic physician specializing in natural looking, long lasting results. Dr. Praven Chetty combines his vast knowledge of anatomy and ageing with evidenced based cutting-edge techniques for truly customized outcomes.